The Worst Day at the Gym Ever Ended with me on the Floor

I am not the most *ahem* coordinated person. The fact that I can walk and chew gun is kind of impressive. I am that one that manages to fall up the stairs, I am the one who manages to run into a wall, like that is just my life. 

Several years ago when I was still living at home I worked out at my local YMCA. I was running on a treadmill (running is a liberal interpretation of what I was doing) at about 7.8 mph when I got a phone call. I hopped off the treadmill to the side and quickly answered it. I slowed it down while taking the call. (I was afraid of pausing the workout) (Or I may or may not have known that was possible) 

After I hung up, I prepared to jump back on the treadmill, like a normal human would do. Just a simple jump back on. Nope. Not for me. I “jumped” back on and APPARENTLY it was slightly faster than my feet thought. You know those commercials with the dufus who falls and does a flip off the treadmill? THAT WAS MEEE! I not only slid and fell off, I somehow did a somersault and slid into the machine behind me. Of course people asked if I was OK and I had to act like doing a somersault off a treadmill and sliding into the machine behind me was what I do every Friday morning. I had an instant throbbing headache but I had to act like life was super good and had to keep running till most people that saw me fall left, which was a freaking, long, freaking time.

 I mean, you don’t do that? Huh, you’re sure strange.