Things That Just Don’t Matter Anymore

At the ripe old age of 22, I have decided to reflect on the wisdom that life has given me. Just kidding. I did this for a whole 5 minutes and realized I had nothing. However, what I do have is random things that I used to think mattered and now I realized they don’t matter at all. 

Shorts: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Jewelry: Random Places

Such as:

What I thought: I needed to always have a ton of friends around me.
Reality: I just need 2 or 3 really great, loyal best friends and I am happy. I would rather have 2 best, best friends than a room full of acquaintances who don’t really get me. 

What I thought: I could actually tame my flyaway hairs.
Reality: Girl. Give it up. 

What I thought: I always needed to weigh a specific number and I would be happy.
Reality: Number don’t mean a dang thing. I could be my dream weight and I could be unhappy. It’s about a state of mind. 

What I thought: It mattered what clothes I wore.
Reality: If people aren’t hanging out with you because of your clothes, they aren’t your true friends. 

What I thought: Having a really great car.
Reality: It’s about having whatever takes you from place A to place B. 

As insignificant as these seem, I think that part of growing up is realizing that you have to let go of certain things. I gave up on the taming of the flyaway-ridden hair thought a long, long time ago. Reality sets in that I just want a simple life, a car that gets me around and a few friends who truly get me. I no longer have to make a ton of friends who don’t get me but I feel the need to socialize with. And you know what? I am better off for that. 

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