Thoughts on Teen Mom, tests and I wore whatever I felt like

                            (shorts: JCrew Factory, Shoes: Gianni Binni, Tank: Goodwill, Belt: Forever 21)

                                       (watch: Fossil, Bracelets: My boyfriends mom, Goodwill)

This weekend I watched/listened to a LOT of Teen Mom while I was studying for abnormal psychology. I realized that Teen Mom is the poster-TV show for the issues I am learning about. Lord knows that if anyone on the planet needs therapy and some serious inter-personal therapy (BAM. Look at me being all collegy), it’s those Teen Moms. And yes, I will admit that this Tuesday at 9 p.m. I will be glued to my TV watching this train wreck happening. Hey! I just realized that I can actually consider it studying for school since it basically is my abnormal psych book acted out. (I am a little lenient on my definitions of “studying”) 

As mentioned before, I had a test on Monday. I am one of those people who probably over-studies for tests which means that I freak myself out and then don’t think straight for the actual test. This test though I am actually incredibly confident that I studied the right amount and had no anxiety. GO ME!

Finally, I went into my closet and just grabbed things I like and wore them. Probably not my favorite outfit but you know, I’m learning it’s about what I want, not what other people want or think. College is all about having fun and I’m tired of worrying about what other people think about it. I’m 21 and I need to play around with finding me and clothes are just as much a part of that as anything else!