Totally Rad+ A Giveaway!

Ok first off, you might notice that I am looking a little darker than normal. A lot. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for something miraculous called spray tan. Oh my world. No one told me before how awesome being tan is. Yes, it’s a gigantic shock when you are used to being so *ahem* ivory as I am. 

I want to say that I actually look a little redder in these photos than I look in real life. I know people find spray tans super scary so I don’t want you to panic. Trust me, spray tanning booths have come a long, long, long way. 

Striped Maxi Dress and Statement NecklaceStriped Maxi Dress and Statement Necklace
The Rad Market Necklace

Second, you may notice the super awesome necklace I am wearing. Of course you did, it’s awesome. How could you not notice it? I just so happen to be teaming up with The Rad Market to give away an item of your choice! Yep, anything you want. When Tamara originally contacted me I went to their website and spent about 45 minutes trying to decide what I wanted. That is not a joke at all, the store is full of adorable things. 

Then I remembered that I had this black and white striped dress that I never get to wear. Bam! This super fun necklace was my choice. I loved this outfit, I felt confident and free. The perfect outfit for the beginning of summer. What will you pick if you win?

The Rad Market Necklace
The contest is open until Saturday and only for U.S. Residents.

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P.S. Use the code “ADORED” at checkout to get 10% off your order. I, for one, am most certainly ordering this adorable anchor necklace and this adorable LOVE bracelet. What will you buy?