Tough Girl

 Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Give a girl a leather jacket and she will feel like she is on top of the world and everyone needs to bow down to her. Ok, not like actually bow down but recognize that she is one bad butt woman who will kick your booty. I had a day last week where I knew I just kind just needed to have some extra swagger to get through all the stuff I needed to accomplish. My recommendation for extra swagger needing days is that you definitely wear your leather jacket. Oh! And if you happen to own a pair of booties and a clutch that kind of make you feel like you could inflict harm upon someone if you are wearing them then you wear those things as well. 

Pants: Zara (similar)
Jacket: Alpine Stars (similar) (similar)
Booties: Jessica Simpson (exact)
Necklace: INPink (similar)
Purse: Marshall’s (similar)

I can assure you that extra swagger days will not always result in outfits of me in this jacket. It was just a nice change from the usual peppy stripes and brights that I wear. I think people also got the message that I was in a more intense mood than normal when looking at my outfit. I think my classmates thought I was going goth or something for a day when I wasn’t carrying a brightly colored purse and my usual jeans. I think they totally got that it was a silent warning that said ” WOMAN ON A MISSION STAY OUT OF MY WAY!” without me having to actually proclaim that. 

And then, at promptly 10 pm, after having been on campus for 11 hours, I swaggered my leather jacketed self out of the library and felt like one pretty tough girl.