An update on my summer + wearing that shirt you love but don’t know how to wear

Top and belt: Forever 21 sale/ Shorts: American Eagle (thrifted) / Shoes: Dillard’s

I bought this shirt a few months ago and I loved it instantly but I wasn’t sold on how to style it. I actually thought it would be easy to style but it’s not quite long enough to have with certain things and too long for certain things. So I finally just decided that I wanted to dress up some distressed jean shorts ($6.50 thrifted) with a belt and go. How would you all wear this?  Should I look for a patterned pair of shorts to go with it?

Summer list: As you all know, I made a list of things I wanted to do this summer and today I decided that I wanted to check in and see how I was doing. 

1) Workout 5 times a week. Specifically because I am doing the glow run in KC in July. (Well, I have had some setbacks but I am still training for it. Running is NOT my thing and I really now just kind of want to get it over with)
Go to all of the farmers markets around this area and enjoy how lucky I
am that I live in a town that has such a great market. (CHECK!)

3) Kill all of my classes. I refuse to get anything but A’s this semester. I do not need a repeat of last semester. (Ok I haven’t exactly KILLED my classes but I am highly satisfied with my grades so far) 
4) Actually go out and do things with Andrew, go on dates and stop letting school get in the way of our time together. (This I have to say is one of my favorite things so far this summer) 
5) Photograph things for me, not just because I have a session or am being paid to. (Yep! Love it!)
How’s your list coming? It’s crazy to think it’s already JULY!!!