Weekend Casual

          Shirt: Gap Outlet/Shorts: TJ Maxx/ Shoes: Arizona Trading Company/ Clutch: Gap

So predictable. Stripes and anchors. I feel like I really, really lacked any creativity this past week so putting together 2 patterns was as exciting as I got. Hope I get out of this slump. I feel like I was never home this week. Every evening I had something happening or I was working on my big summer paper and I never really put any thought into my outfits. By Thursday I just crashed and took a super long nap, only to wake up and realize that I had forgotten about one last thing I still had to do. Sigh. Such is life. 

Anyway, happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? I am going to see Monsters University and going to a water park with Andrew! No, we aren’t taking any kids, those were my choices. I am such a kid at heart. 

P.S. I didn’t want to do this…but…..maybe, just maybe follow me via Bloglovin?