Weekend Wear (Mom if you are reading I’m sorry)

I will admit that I was NOT a fan of the pockets showing out of the shorts look that was/is popular during the summer. After about two years though I finally found a pair of shorts that were cute and had actually cute lace showing. I got them from Gap and I have only worn them twice. Why? Well because I am 21 years old and still am afraid of my mother seeing me in short shorts so I avoid them like the plague. I’ve always been a great kid and never once wore anything that I didn’t think she would approve of so these shorts are kind of like my secret.

It would be my luck that she finds out about this blog on the day I post these pictures. Well, Mom if you are reading this them my secret is out. I own booty shorts. I know, it’s like a dirty secret. 

The necklaces were a gift from my boyfriends moms closet! I have soooo many things from her closet that it’s like a kid in a candy store when I get to walk into her and she says I can have whatever I want! This weekend the boy and I are headed to Wichita for Father’s Day. Speaking of Father’s Day, did you know they make CARDS FOR DADS THAT ARE FROM DOGS?!? Yes! I was like WHAT?