What I Wore: 35 outfits later

I kid you not when I saw I tried on 35 outfits. I stopped counting after 30 but I tried on at least 8 more after that. Why the insane amount of outfits? Perhaps because it was one of those days where nothing felt right, it was cold or that I had to be photographed for a national website campaign about technology and fashion. If you went with that last reason. You are smart. If not, you are also smart, I am all about win-wins. 

Pants: Gap/Sweater: Forever 21/Top:Target/Shoes:Born/Necklace:In Pink

Plus then you realize that your fashion internship coordinator (aka boss lady) is going to see your style and well, that just puts a whole new level of pressure on you. Then I got an email from her, she LOVED it. WAHOO! 

I’m getting ready for finals right now. Which is really crazy because the weather is still somewhat in the 60’s and 50’s so it is throwing me off that it’s the end! Keep your fingers crossed for me. This weekend I am writing some papers, editing and studying my booty off!