What I Wore: Academic Elbow Patches + No Spend November

Sweater: Dorothy Perkins/Shirt:Fortuity/Pants: Maker/Boots: Dockers

Two things. The first, these are NOT leggings, they are black pants! I just want to clarify that although I have nothing against leggings, YOU NEED TO COVER YOUR BOOTY IN THEM! These are thick and warm black jeggings. These are not leggings. Just letting you know. I have a firm belief that leggings are wonderful things to be worn with responsibility and privilege. Basically, cover your tush ladies, no one wants to see that. I’m sorry but you needed to know. 

Second, I frigging love the elbow patch trend. It reminds me of a college teacher. Possibly because I watch entirely too much How I Met your Mother in which a character named Ted is a teacher and often wears elbow patches when teaches. Which makes me then feel smart, which is opposite of the truth so then I feel like I am posing as a smart person. Maybe I should do this on a test day and then I will perform better? 

On another note, I have decided that I am freaking going to STOP buying new clothes. I realized the other day that I couldn’t justify any more clothing, I have so much and I have GOT to learn to work it all. I feel like blogging has helped and hurt me at the same time. I am inspired to remix clothes but it also has made me want more clothes! Have you found this to be true?