What I Wore: Addicted to leopard

Jeans: Maker/Top:Plato’s Closet/Shoes: TJ Maxx/Belt:Target /Bracelet: J Crew Factory

My end of summer solution has been this: Wear fall clothes regardless of how hot it actually is. So, this outfit I wore when it was 97 degrees out. Ladies I can assure you that my theory about wearing fall clothes to usher in cooler weather failed. MASSIVELY. So after learning this lesson I am just going to let nature take its (slow) course and dress appropriately. Sigh. 

In other news, this week I managed to fall up the stairs at my school. Yep. Completely fell up the concrete steps. WINNER! 
I tried a spinach, banana and peanut butter smoothie. It was……nasty crap. I had to hold my nose and close my eyes as I drank it. So that’s not happening again. 
In a perfect world I would own a cosmetic company so that I could formulate the PERFECT mascara. Lengthens, fattens, looks lush and lasts all day long. Is that too much to ask?!
Also in my perfect world all my shoes are from Sex and the City and are actually comfortable. Clearly that makes it a imaginary world.