What I Wore: As neon as I get+SNOW DAY

First and most important, I HAVE MY FIRST EVER SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s expected to snow 8-12″ here today so we got out of school. I cannot tell you what a stress reliever this is for me! These past two weeks have been the WORST and this is perfect.  

I got this neon polka dot sweater at XXI Forever (I don’t know why some stores are called Forever 21 and some are called XXI Forever) and let me tell you, buying something that involves neon instead of black and white was quite the feat for me. I mean, I finally bought something neon, a whole year after it got super big. Baby steps here people, baby steps. 

I might even get extra daring and buy an actual sheer, neon shirt. Gosh, I am living on the edge right now. Next I may even stay up till 3 a.m. on Friday night and drink some alcohol and not do homework Friday night. 

I am just so dang wild and crazy everyday in my life these days. I mean, normally I am way more exciting.