What I Wore: At least I tried

Top: TJ Maxx/Skirt: Banana Republic(last year)/Shoes: TJ Maxx (last year)/Belt: Urban Outfitters (last year)
You all are probably very aware of Tara over at MixMatch Fashion. I love her so much and absolutely love how she matches patterns like an expert and always manages to look chic. I swear she could wear polka dots, stripes, hounds-tooth and some other loud print she could make it all work together in one outfit. Plus the girl is constantly finding good deals and is always the best comment-er, I swear she comments on blogs full-time! Anyway, she always manged to put floral prints and stripes together so well so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try it. Well…I learned that just because the two colors are the EXACT same color it doesn’t mean it works. I’m not crazy about this outfit but it began to grow on me after a while.

What do you guys do when it comes to matching prints and floral prints? Also what is a blogger inspired outfit combination you tried but realized you looked like a complete idiot when you did it? *Yes, I am trying to feel better about myself by hearing your stories*