What I Wore: Bowling Chic

LOVE sweater with statement necklaceLOVE sweater with statement necklace

There’s this thing that the boyfriend and I often do on Friday afternoons. It’s called bowling. Well, what he does is called bowling. What I do is called “throwing a ball down a lane and hoping it doesn’t go into the gutter till half way down the lane.” Honestly, that is all I can hope for when bowling. 

KU has a bowling alley and on Friday afternoon it’s $1.00 everything so it’s a super cheap and fun date. I love how I can decompress from the busy week with just him and have fun laughing at myself trying to bowl. I highly recommend this cheap therapy if you are a student.

LOVE sweater with statement necklace beanie hat
Forever 21 pink statement necklace

I feel like one of the things I am going to miss most about college are the discounts on services and food we get. I love that businesses cater to a broke crowd and therefore $1 days happen everywhere across town. Plus that extra 15% off at J. Crew, The Limited, Ann Taylor, etc. is pretty awesome. Oh and $1 everything at the bowling alley, definitely going to miss that. 

Oh and the reason why these photos are inside? IT SNOWED ALL FRIDAY!!!!!!! I am so over this snow it’s not even funny. When I was walking to work at 7:30 a.m. I felt a snowflake and just started stomping my feet because I was so unhappy. Go away snow!