What I Wore: Chambray and Green

Flats: Fossil
Original source of inspiration: Green skirt + chambray
Oh sure, I’ll just find a fabulous car to lean up against and basically change who I am for this outfit. Not a problem.
Reality: Life is messy, doesn’t look like Pinterest and  I need to stop throwing leopard on everything like it’s a magical thing that just fixes life. 
Chambray and Green
Skirt:Anthro/Shirt:Fortuity/Shoes: Fossil/Belt: Target
So….this skirt is from Anthro. Of course it’s a magical store that makes everything in the most magical way and makes me want to buy doorknobs because they are just so darn pretty. Except that I can’t afford 1,00 dollars for door knobs alone. So ladies (and the 1 male who reads this, the boyfriend) I GOT THIS SKIRT FOR $10. Yep, $10. Happy day. About once a year I hand over my bags and purse to the boyfriend and he sits down while I scour the entire store and sale rack. Once a year I actually get something that is $9.99. Once a year. Which means that about 15 times a year I fail all for that 1 blissful time.