What I Wore: Ch..Ch…Ch..Changes

Bright Pencil Skirt and Black Top

The beginning of the semester is always crazy. I always stress out when I first see the syllabus for the first time, freak out the first day because I am overwhelmed, etc. Throw in some serious PMS issues like I had, well, you have the perfect storm of everything that could make a woman crazy. Well this year in addition to having the normal pre-semester stress, I got a new job. Yes, today I start a new job AND the semester. 

Bright Pencil Skirt and Black Top

I did a massive happy dance when I found out the good news. Actually it may have been more of a dance party. A very awkward dance party. The belt got a little wonky because of it.

Bright Pencil Skirt and Black Top
Top:Banana Republic Via Goodwill/Skirt:Target/ Knee Socks:Foxtrot/ Shoes:Nordstoms/
 Jewelry:InPink/ Purse:Michael Kors/ Belt:Forever XXI/ Hat:TJ Maxx.
I have accepted a job with the KU Marketing Communications as photo editor for KU and other clients. This is a huge step towards working in strategic communications as I will be working with clients to help establish brand continuity and quality. I am extremely excited for this opportunity and am incredibly lucky to have this job. 

P.S. This is my happy dance that my boyfriend managed to capture. I’m pretty sure I am jumping at this moment, I had just gotten off the phone with my future boss.