What I Wore: Crimson and Blue + Weekend news

Crimson and Blue outfit

 You might think that these photographs were taking during December and I just forgot to post the photos. Nope. Instead, these were taken the day after yesterday’s post. Within a few hours after getting all dressed up for our date, it snowed about two inches.

Oh and it’s supposed to snow 6 inches this Thursday. Oh joy. I suppose we all have been super lucky so far with having mild weather and it’s catching up to us. 

Crimson and Blue outfit

This is again a school spirit outfit. I know, I know. I might as well just rename my blog “What to Wear for School Spirit.” Sorry about that guys, it’s just so hard not to dress in school colors when pretty much everyone in your town is constantly wearing them. Seriously, everyday I can bet you that about 75 percent  of people are wearing either crimson or blue. Also, I am HIGHLY superstitious about wearing my schools colors on gameday so I will always, always wear crimson and blue when we are playing basketball. Screw the rest of the sports. 

Weekend News:
Is there anything more annoying for a whole 20 seconds than when your sweater hangs onto your boob and it looks like it is caught? I say no.

I watched Singin’ in the Rain on AMC and seriously fell in love with the movie all over again. The costumes are so perfect! Gene Kelley had some of the best pattern mixing, ever! 

Studied for 4 tests. Death. Even worse, I had to get over that death to take those 4 tests today. Worse death. 

Learned that the average person spends as much time in the bathroom as on vacation. Thank you TicTac commercial for that. 


Tried to figure out how February is the shortest and worst month of the year. Seriously, how it is it possible that it isn’t March? Can we just skip the rest of the month?

Sigh. Only 9 more days and I can shop and say it’s March!