What I wore: date night (and how to hide your unshaved legs, ahem)

                                      (I realize my stomach looks pregnant, in real life it doesn’t look this way!)

                                                             (Hat: Target Necklace: Dillard’s)

I swore I would never wear several things. Two of them were rompers and jumpsuits. I mean, how can you pee in one of those things!?! Well, to be honest I wasn’t crazy about this at first when I tried it on at Dillard’s. Then I realized how incredibly comfortable this would be when it’s hot out and I can’t find an outfit to be comfortable. I realize it’s one of those outfits whether you love it or hate it and I’m OK with that, I felt confident and that is what is important to me. (Also lets be real, I didn’t want to shave my legs tonight and this was a perfect cover up my laziness)

This week I have two tests and a paper due, did I mention that taking 12 hours in the summer is quite a handful? Oh I did? Let me sound like a broken record and say it again. IT’S A HANDFUL. I am thoroughly enjoying my abnormal psychology class, probably because I think that I walk away from class feeling like a perfectly normal person and realize that my irrational thoughts and fears are me just being a crazy woman but I’m not at the clinically insane point. Yet. I stress the yet part. 

Also for some reason blogger highly distorts the color in my photographs. I swear I am pale, but NOT as pale as I look in these photos.