What I Wore: The day I learned I will never be a J Crew model.

  You know how when you see the new J Crew look book you get alll excited about the different prints, stripes and sequins that are happening. I mean, LOOK YOU CAN WEAR A SWEATSHIRT WITH A SEQUIN SKIRT AND IT’S PERFECTION! I mean why aren’t we all wearing this combination? Apparently all of J Crew thinks we do. So this outfit came out of this whole J Crew crazy pattern world. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE J Crew. I love their models. I love all the J Crew blogs I read. I however just need to realize 3 patterns is a a little extreme for me.

Shoes and bag: Fossil/Shirt: J Crew/ Cardigan: Urban Outfitters/ Belt:Gap
At this point and time I just want it over with and said screw fixing my shirts. So please forgive  the pregnant look. 

However, I will never, ever be able to pull their looks off. I actually had chills when I looked in the mirror but I had to wear it anyway. I combined 3 different prints and honestly I think I feel sick knowing I had that much going on. I actually pulled out a sweatshirt for a sequined skirt and realized before I tried it on….hellz to the no. How do you ladies rock your different prints?
Also….it’s going to be 101 degrees this Sunday. WHAT THE FRICK!?!