What I Wore: Don’t be Negative pt.2

You may recall that last time I wore this shirt it was basically a case of the no-good, very bad day that wouldn’t end. I decided that I needed to get over my fear of this shirt making it a bad day so I wore it this past weekend. The verdict? THE SHIRT IS NOT CURSED! Yes, so glad to know!

Top (camera): Forever21/Shirt: Target/Shorts:J Crew Factory/Necklace:Forever21

In other news in my life, I’ve decided to start training for another 5K this fall! I had a love/hate relationship with the last one I ran/prayed to God it would end and I’ve decided I’m a glutton for punishment and might as well start running. I’m 21 and this is the best time of my life to do this kind of thing so I have no excuses. But I will think of some anyway. 

Whenever I wear this shirt I feel obligated to have a constant smile on my face otherwise people will think it’s ironic I’m wearing this shirt and I look grumpy. Yes, I realize this makes me 50 shades of crazy. 

I’m.so.over.summer. Seriously. Apparently summer is never going to end and we are doomed to always have 97 degree days. I hate Kansas so much. 

While wearing this shirt I had a tragic accident with a Target shopping cart which caused my foot to be in pain and bleed. That was fun.