What I Wore: The end of the semester reflections

Sequin Sweatshirt Layered with Zara Top

Sequin Sweatshirt with Boyfriend Jeans and Heels
Jeans: Gap/Shoes: Foxtrot (BCBG)/Sweater: Banana Republic/Shirt: Zara/ Polish: A to Z-urich from OPI
Sequin Sweatshirt, Boyfriend jeans, Zara Shirt, Opi Polish

Sequin Sweatshirt, College
I think I was laughing and spit or something super awesome like that. I painted my nails which is a rarity . I know, I am such an awesome person who posts ONLY the most flattering photos of myself, ever.

Lessons Learned: *It pays to be that student who is at every class, asks questions and pays attention. I got extra credit points in Italian due to this. I got laughed at and many, many eye rolls for my constant questions but it was worth it.*
*Blogging this semester has helped me manage stress so much, you all have been there for me during midterms, confessions, tears and other emotions you don’t even know about. You all mean so much to me.*
*I have the best boyfriend ever. He knows exactly what I need before I even know I need it*
*A great teacher makes all the difference*
*A smile, even when feeling down, can turn your whole day around when you realize what a difference it makes*
*I did my best on ever single test I took, I need to realize that all I can expect of myself is that*