What I Wore: A fall carnival

Top: Fortuity/Pants: Maker/Boots: BORN/Scarf and necklace: gift

I like rides. I love roller-coasters and all that jazz. What I do not love are machines that can be taken down and up within a day. I need serious nuts and bolts and permanence. The school student union has a carnival every year and this is the first year the boy and I have been able to go. The first ride….well………I’m still dizzy and my neck still hurts from the jerking. So you could say I was not a fan. The rest of the entertainment and booths were really fun and Andrew even won a stuffed character for his dad. (Kenny from South Park) 

I have really been loving simple outfits lately and this outfit took a whole 5 minutes to put together. There is something so comfortable about everything and it’s just warm enough to not having to wear a jacket over this. What have you been loving lately?