What I wore: Fall transitions

Shorts: Target/Shirt: Target/Purse: Aldo/Shoes:Dillards

I didn’t love these shorts when I first saw them. Then about 8 weeks later I saw them for $4.98 and suddenly, these are the best shorts ever. Funny how that works. Anyhoo, I decided that the jewel tone of them made these perfect for fall. And then I proceeded to buy them, look into my closet and realize that I didn’t have a darn thing I wanted to wear with them. So….I ended up with grey and I’m all exciting like that. Fail. 

I was going to wear a green jewel toned belt with these but I am weird about having too many colors going on in one outfit. I’m not the only one right? So…style these for me! What should i wear next time with them? Also, what do you think about putting black tights on with these for the winter months?

Speaking of fall transitions…. fall always brings the best memories, laughter, sunshine, the sound of leaves falling, picking out pumpkins, taking photos with the boyfriend. I get incredibly sentimental and in an indescribable way I just feel so ALIVE in the fall. I’m burning two fall candles right now, the windows are open and I can hear leaves rustling in the wind. I feel like an old soul writing a book during moments like this, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else either.