What I Wore: Football Saturday

You guys, I go to KU. Which means we kick booty in basketball and couldn’t even kick a ball straight in football. I live right across from the football stadium so this time of year, even as painful as it is to watch us normally get beat, I can’t not go! We did win our opener, I did start a mental countdown to when basketball starts…..

Can you believe I am 21 and this is the first shirt I have owned that show some skin when I am walking? 
Shirt and Bra: PINK/Shorts: American Eagle/Flip Flops:TJ Maxx

I can’t say I am a gigantic football fan but I absolutely love holding hands with my boyfriend as we walk across the street to watch the games. I know I will be glad I went to the games when I am older, I can’t thank the boy enough for taking the time to be with me and be willing to hold my drink as I struggle to put ketchup on my hot dog. That’s how you know he’s a winner.