What I Wore: Game Day Outfit

Top: Target/Vest: Gap/Scarf: Gap/Jeans: Gap/Shoes: Target
(Yes, these are the outtakes of when we take my outfit photos, I find at least 2-3 of these every single session.)
The boy and I got the chance to go to a KU Basketball game the other day. If you know anything about KU, you know that we are a basketball school. Hardcore. I had to work at the office during the day and didn’t have time to change so I had to find something office appropriate but could easily transition into a game.
By the way, I am totally *that* girl who is screaming her head off, throwing her hands up the in the air (I have no idea why I am doing this, I just know that the rest of the crowd is mad so I need to also be) and losing her voice. I walked away from that game exhausted and without a voice. Oh also, I still don’t understand the rules of basketball, all I know is that I need to scream when everyone else is screaming and pretending that I know why I am screaming.