What I Wore: I swear it really did rain

You guys, I’m just going to go ahead and rename this blog, confessions of a polka dot hoarder. Seriously, I am basically out of control with all of these polka dots. I always have loved them but lately everything I have picked up has had some type of polka dot material. Right down to my rain-boots…..

Boots: Target/Shorts: J Crew Factory/Shirt: Fortuity/Belt:Forever21/ Socks:Foxtrot

It rained. It really did. It then stopped and I had my heart set on wearing rain-boots. So…I looked like an idiot praying there would be random puddles out so that people could see I wasn’t just a crazy woman wearing rain boots, It turned out that I look just like a crazy woman. Also I wore knee socks with these because the boots bother my legs a little bit. So that adds another dimension of dork. Sigh. One day I will be cool.