What I Wore: It’s fffaaalllllll!!!!!!!!!!!

I normally don’t like cocktail rings but this was at TJ Maxx, an incredible price and well, it’s freaking Kate Spade. Need I say more?
Scarf: Banana Republic/Pants:Gap/Shoes: Hand me down/Top: TJ Maxx/Ring: Kate Spade (via TJ Maxx)

 I realize it’s been fall for a few weeks but seriously this was amazing fall weather this past weekend in Lawrence. I got to go for a walk with the boyfriend, I worked on a paper that will probably be the death of me, I burned my favorite fall candle (Leaves by Bath and Body Works), did some shopping and did a run down on Mass street (the main downtown street). It just felt like FALL! I get absolutely giddy when it is like this!  Plus I got to wear green pants and any day that happens is a good one.