Pink tunic and black pants
Pants:J Crew Factory/Top:Forever 21/Shoes: TJ Maxx/ Purse: Michael Kors
Pink tunic and black pants

I mean, just in case you didn’t know, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO DAYS. January 13th, 2013 is when I turn the amazing age of 22. I realized last year that the biggest milestone I have next is when I can rent a car at the age of 25 and also when my insurance goes down. Growing up is just soooo exciting. 

As an adult birthdays are a super big deal to me, mostly because I freaking love cake. Everything on your birthday tastes better, especially cake. You know what tastes even better? ICE CREAM CAKE! I have *strongly* hinted to the boyfriend that I want an ice cream cake with a gigantic Jayhawk on the center of it. 

*Strongly* hinted. 
This year for my birthday I am enjoying an all day spa retreat at a medical spa where I will get a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and another treatment, going out to dinner with family and most likely hanging out with a few friends. I’m a fan of laid back birthdays so long as everyone knows how excited I am about my birthday. SO GET EXCITED PEOPLE!