What I Wore: Just call me bossypants

I swear I’m not drunk. However, during all photo shoots there is at least 4 photos like this. Apparently I really crack myself up. 

I’m sure that some of you  have picked up through my tone of writing that I am a bit sassy/bossy/total type A personality/super fun (in my very humble opinion), etc. Anyway, because of my general assertiveness and all around helpful can-do attitude, I generally am the group leader, the person who gets annoyed with all the people that can’t make up their mind so I jump in and help, the person who does what other people don’t want to do because I just want it to get done. Along with this however comes the issue of me being super impatient.

When I walk into a store I instantly know what I like and what I don’t. I know that employees in stores are just trying to be helpful but I know what I want and when and where I want it. (Except with J. Crew employees, those people I love and adore) Due to this, my friends often ask me to go shopping with them because they always look in the mirror and can’t decide what they want. (I have never had this issue) So I went shopping with a friend. And we shopped. And shopped. I totally get how people love being stylist. The feeling of convincing someone to put a something they wouldn’t normally wear and then they love it is PRICELESS. If I felt like there was money in that career I would completely drop out of college and do that every single day. However, until the day that personal stylists/shopping stylists start paying enough to pay off college loans, I will stick to my major (strategic communications, aka: marketing, public relations, etc) 

Still though, I cannot thank my Mom and Dad enough for raising me to be super assertive aka Bossypants. It’s one of the greatest things I think they have done for me. So thank you Mom and Dad. I’m sure that they completely regretted raising such a strong and assertive daughter (actually, all 4 of our are SUPER assertive) but it’s made me who I am.