What I wore: Just a dress up day

Top: Sister Moses (Shop in Kansas)/ Skirt: Zara/ Belt: Forever 21
The top is ridiculously fun to wear. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE SLEEVES!
J Crew Bracelet: Ebay for $9.99

 Shoes: VonMaur (ONLY $19!!) I had to stalk their sale room for about 3 months but I finally got them as cheap as possible. My stalking talents do payoff sometimes. 

I have really been loving zippers lately. The shirt I wore the other day had it and today my Zara skirt pretty much is made by one. I love the detail they add without too much of a statement. I wore this grocery shopping and some fun shopping. Yes, I was that crazy woman on a Saturday who wore this to buy Clorox and toilet paper. Impractical…yes….fun? YES!!

I figure I am 21 years old and there is no other time in my life I will probably have this much fun and if I want to wear heels to buy groceries whose going to stop me? What is something you did in your 20’s that I should do?