What I Wore: Layers upon layers + Insecurity

Jeggings: Gap/Top: Banana Republic/Necklaces: Vintage, J Crew and a gift/Shoes:Fossil

While on Thanksgiving break I had a lot of time to relax and browse some of my favorite blogs to gain some inspiration for the rest of this month and next. I’m not going to lie, I am majorly running low on ideas through finals and then Christmas. I noticed that I really gravitated towards outfits that had layered baubles. Is it too much? Probably. Was it a really fun thing to wear? Yes. 

On another note, the reason I wear jeans so much is because I am very insecure about my legs. I love my strong calves but I hate my thighs, I have since I was a child. Sometimes when  I am posting these photos all I see are these large, thunder thighs. I’ll admit I am not in the greatest shape of my life ( I am working on that) but my thighs have always been an issue. The reason why I either wear skirts, jeans or black pants is because I hate trying on pants, I try to detract from my legs. It’s depressing to buy pants quite honestly. I hate it. So I know my outfits can be boring because I wear jeans or skirts a lot, it’s how I deal with my insecurity.