What I Wore: A Lazy Kind of Day

Cardigan: Forever 21/Jeans: Maker/Necklaces: J. Crew and gift
/Pin: Forever 21 

Pink lace cardigan outfit Pink lace cardigan outfit

It’s been a more-than-usual-busy week. I’m not going to bore you with all of details because quite honestly, they are boring and all relate to homework and studying. I can hear you snoring already from boredom. All I want is sleep as soon as I get home tonight. 

A lazy day looks like this to me. Screw checking to see how out of control your frizz is, if you don’t have curly hair you don’t get to judge. Throw on necklaces to distract from your super tired eyes. Then realize that doesn’t work. Finally, just put on something pink. 

This pink cardigan was supposed to be worn during my no shopping February, but it was entirely too cold to wear it. I feel like as it gets warmer I will be wearing it more often. That’s all I’ve got folks, have a good, restful weekend!