What I Wore: Loafers are for old ladies and now I am an old lady

Shoes: Crown Vintage/Shirt: J Crew/ Shorts: J Crew/Necklace: Gift

When I was younger I thought loafers were the scourge of the shoe world. No really, I put them with 90 year old women and underwear that goes up to your boobs. Then I arrived at college and suddenly realized that apparently loafers are the quintessential preppy shoe. I was shocked. Um….I was genuinely confused about how I felt about the issue. Then I was given a pair. HALLELUJAH! You guys, I am now a 90 year old woman because they are so freaking darn comfy!! 

Also, I am so freaking bored with my summer clothes. I keep on trying to throw in elements of fall but seriously, I cannot handle more heat and having to deal with sweating while running to classes. The end. I thought wearing long sleeves might make it cooler today…the result? It was 95.