What I Wore: A nasty, sweaty day

Top: J Crew Factory/Belt: Banana Republic/Shorts:Goodwill/ Purse:gift (B. Markowsky)/ Shoes: Born (given to me by the boyfriends mother)

I am ridiculously lucky that my boyfriends mom a)has a shopping addiction b)wears the same shoe size as me c) buys me clothes because I am like the daughter she never had. A ton of my clothing comes from her and it’s all clothes that I could not afford on my own, at ALL! Anyway, I wore this when we went to the Plaza in Kansas City last weekend which was about 110 degrees and by the time we walked a block my shirt was sticky and suddenly a dark purple. Not at all the look I was going for.

On the way to KC my boyfriend lovingly asked me, “What are you doing to do when you run out of outfits?” 
“Um….the goal is to keep creating new ones.”
“Yeah, but at one point you are going to run out of options.”
“Well DUH, that’s why we have different seasons!”
Yes, and all retailers sigh a breath of relief.”

I didn’t smack him like I wanted to but…..I really, really wanted to. But seriously, what am I going to do when I run out of outfits?