What I Wore: Not every outfit is a winner

Dear Ladies (and my boyfriend who reads every single one of my posts),
          There are moments when you think you have a killer outfit in your closet and you know EXACTLY how it is going to look so in the morning you don’t bother to look in the mirror and check. You simply know that you are rocking and that is all. This was not one of those moments. I didn’t look into the mirror until I got to work, I should have just avoided that all together. 

Shorts:Target/Top: TJ Maxx/Belt:Target/Shoes:Fossil

 I forgot to out on mascara so I looked dead, I was super pale and the bright shorts made it even more obvious, the whole thing was a mess. But I feel an obligation to report to you that although we all have these days, we all just need to acknowledge this happens. 

By the way, my boyfriend every single day makes it a point to read my blog. Now I know that your husband/boyfriend is simply the best but this guy helps me take photos AND reads my blog every day. Mine wins.