What I wore: The outfit that made my teacher yell

Notice that my dress is pretty normal, I’m not flashing anyone when I bend over and it’s not too revealing. I wore a shirt over the back so when I was at work it would seem less casual.So what possibly could have made my teacher nearly come unglued and nearly make me leave the class? 

Dress: TJ Maxx/ Top: Goodwill/ Shoes: Gianni Binni/ Bracelets: Collected various places/ Bag: Aldo (last Christmas)

You see all those bracelets I am wearing? I don’t wear bracelets that often and most certainly don’t wear them in a stack like this normally. Well, as college students tend to due I was taking notes on my laptop during class and my teacher kept looking over at me. Again. And Again. OK now I thought he was thinking I was cheating or something. Yeah no, in the middle of the class this quiet man nearly shouted at me, “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TO MAKE THAT MUCH NOISE ALISSA!?” UM….a) I died of embarrassment and might have slumped down in my seat b) I fumbled to get show him the bracelets but in my haste I made them all fall on the ground and make the worlds loudest bracelet crashing sound ever c) I still want to shrink in my chair while writing about this story. d) “Alissa, I realize you love to dress up but please refrain from wearing them while in class. For the rest of the semester!” my teacher said glaring at me e) I only have one more day of class so he can deal with it. 

Seriously, I wanted to die. Die I tell you.