What I wore: Polka dot skirt

          Top: American Apparel/Skirt: Forever 21/Shoes: Gianni Binni/ Necklace: J Crew factory

So classes have been so, so or (cosi-cosi in Italian) the first week of classes somehow flew by/was the longest week of my life. I’ve really had a hard time staying motivated to put together actual outfits for school and I am so proud to say that I have YET to pull on the gym shorts and men’s shirt. That being said, I’m not super crazy about all of the outfits I’ve worn but I’ll manage. This skirt is one of my most favorite purchases but man I realized today a pencil skirt is the most unpractical choice of clothing for me, trying to get up and down from the floor, stairs, etc killed me! 
Oh and on a side note, I saw a leaf fall on the ground (just go with this) so that means fall is here. OK, IF WE THINK IT MAYBE IT’LL HAPPEN SO JUST GO WITH IT!