What I wore: Pretending to be a grown up

This past Thursday I went down to the District Attorneys office with my boyfriends mother. I actually worked for her before I moved to Lawrence so it was fun to get to see people I used to work with. She is retiring from almost 30 years of being the DA so it’s been a little hard for her to adjust to private life soon. So naturally since I knew I was going to be surrounded by suits and paperwork I had to wear something feminine and playful, but still office appropriate. Then I woke up in the morning and just wanted to get dressed as fast as possible. Sigh, I meant well. 

                          Top: Von Maur/ Skirt: Zara/ Shoes: BCBG (via Foxtrot of Lawrence)

Funny story, when you wear brand new shoes and prance about like a ballerina for about 3 hours, saying hello, drinking coffee that you don’t really like but it looks cool so you drink it (I swear some day I will like it but man that stuff is nasty you guys, how you drink it on a regular basis is beyond me)….these things make for very, very sore feet.
PS. I am on vacation still, today I will be swimming and relaxing in a cabana (I know, it’s a rough life). These photos were taken from the courtyard of my boyfriends home. I adore it so much. 
P.P.S. How tired are you of having to shave every single day? Geez, I need fall to come so I can be lazy again and skip shaving so much.