What I Wore: Pushing the Limits on the Last Day

I wore this outfit on the last day of my old job. I had it in my closet hidden away sight and couldn’t remember why.Well, it’s really short, but it has a BOW on it. I mean, sure, I couldn’t bend over properly to be sure I am not flashing anyone, but it has a freaking BOW on it.
Forever 21 black and white dress with bow
Dress: Forever XXI/ Top: Gap PURE/Shoes: BCBG/Jewelry: Gifted

Forever 21 black and white dress with bow

Me as I was getting ready: 
“I should probably change my dress. It’s really short.”
“I already have my hose on and it’s a lot of effort to take them off. Like a lot of effort”
“Screw it. What are they going to do? Fire me for too short of a dress on my last day.”
“Screw it. I’m wearing it.” 
And that is how I ended up wearing an entirely too short of dress that I couldn’t bend over in.