What I Wore: Rainy day Dilemma

Skirt and belt: Forever 21/Shoes: BCBG/Shirt: Target
My boyfriend is so lucky he gets to see this face every day. Mother of his future children right there. WINNER! Seriously, you don’t even know the faces I make and he captures but I will be dead before anyone gets to see them.

I saw a photo of an outfit I loved about 6 months ago on Pinterest and all I can remember about it was that there was a pencil skirt, a belt and a regular t-shirt. I didn’t pin it stupidly (it was one of those outfits EVERYONE was pinning so it was getting out of control) and so now I don’t know if this worked out like it did. So I wasn’t super, duper crazy about it but then I was all, “WAIT! It’s raining today, I CAN WEAR POLKA DOTS WITH POLKA DOTS!” HAPPY POLKA DOT DANCE!!
Also, I have learned that on rainy days I need to just accept that my hair will never work with me and I need to just embrace the ponytail and go. So excuse the mess. In addition, can it just be fall so I can stop having to shave my legs every day? I’m just being honest here.