What I Wore: A royal collar

Skirt: Banana Republic (gift)/ Top: Isaac M for Target (really old)/ Belt: Forever 21/ Shoes: American Eagle via TJ Maxx
I seriously love this ruffled top, I don’t wear it nearly as much as I should but I LOVE it. This was back when I was in love with all of Target’s designers and they actually had quality clothing. But I digress, you know how I feel about this issue. 
I feel like I belong in a Tudors episode with the collar. Don’t get me wrong, I completely love it, but I seriously think I need to be in a TV series with it. Remember back when Isaac Mizarahi was designing for Target? I “splurged” and bought this top, one of my best Target buys ever. When I was looking for a top that was different than the normal one I wear with this skirt it jumped out at me and I was so glad I hung onto it. 

Also, I FINISHED 12 HOURS OF SUMMER SCHOOL TODAY!!!!! NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR A WHOLE TWO WEEKS!!! I feel like Andrew is going to take me out to dinner but is keeping it a surprise. I survived this with only about two meltdowns which were easily fixed with Andrew rushing to the grocery store to buy Mike and Ike’s (I’d just like to discuss how ridiculously annoying their new marketing is with Mike and Ike breaking up). Have I mentioned how much I love that guy? 

In other news, who all watches Project Runway? I know it is only the second week in but I can’t figure out who I like yet. The first week I was all excited because there is nothing I love more than two gay men fighting over fashion but other than that I wasn’t sure how I felt about.  Who is your favorite so far?  Last night was the unconventional challenge and all I wanted to eat while watching it was gummy bears and Mike and Ike’s!