What I Wore: The Sale from Hell

I woke up at 4:35 AM for the annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale. Yes, I said 4:35AM. I will do a lot to save money and waking up before dawn to get half off clearance is right up my alley.

Top: TJ Maxx ($8)/ Shorts: Nordstrom Rack ($12.99)/ Shoes: TJ Maxx ($20)/ Hat: J Crew Factory ($15) The hat is more out of necessity to stay cool than it is anything else, although I do love it. 

 I will spare you to details about how I nearly punched someone, never have been so tightly pushed up against people and at one point I am almost positive I was moved without actually having my feet on the ground because the crowd was that tight and you pretty much just tried to not die. Mostly because I am still too freaking exhausted to explain how ridiculous it was and how I now have a fear of crowds. I have never had my chest shoved into somebodies back for 30 minutes and nearly being mouth to mouth with them because it was just so crazy. 

Oh and then after that I went to work and then went on to class AND gave a presentation. By 1pm I was running on fumes and giggled when I saw a squirrel because I said the word “squirrel” and it was HI-LARIOUS! Oh and I had a triple shot espresso to keep me awake the rest of the day and I was like an annoying Flo from Progressive on crack. Speaking of Flo….I seriously cannot stand her. If I had more energy and wasn’t crashing once again from my espresso I would explain how I can’t stand her.