What I Wore: School Spirit

 (Don’t even ask, I thought jumping photos would be great. Instead all it did was remind me of what a dork I am. So that was fun) Oh and I’d like to address those of you who know about KU. You can’t beat us…..except in football. That we can’t win in.If it killed us. So if you are a football fan, I instantly assume your team is better than us and we can still be friends.

While I was away from Lawrence I decided I wasn’t wearing nearly enough KU items (it’s a uniform for me on lazy days) so I threw this on. I am incredibly happy that brands are beginning to make more designer college items, long gone at the male t-shirts that aren’t flattering and make you look like a hot mess. When you went to school was it like this for you? Also I think I will probably start trying harder to wear my school clothing in a more fashionable way, thankfully football is coming up! (Which is really just to say that I like dressing up for games, clearly we don’t have a winning history. )