What I Wore: Sigh. Winter.

Women's Neon Top with Sweater
We were greeted last night and this morning with another 5 inches of snow. My worry was confirmed, it wasn’t enough to give us another snow day. So now we have to deal with the new snow and the old snow that we haven’t gotten rid of. Yay! I was praying all night that we got a freak ice storm but alas, that definitely did not happen. 

Women's Neon Top with Sweater
Shoes: Nine West/ Leggings: Target/Sweater: Neiman Marcus for Target/Top: Target/ Belt Forever 21

 I was fortunate enough to have an area where there wasn’t as much snow. However, the wind is whipping snow back and forth now so everything is once again covered. I just wanted out of the cold so I didn’t focus on getting good photos at all, a complete blogging sin. 

When I actually have to go to school for 5 days in a row I will die. I am getting entirely too used to having a snow day at least once a week. Lordy will next week be rough if we don’t have another foot of snow dropped on us. Oh well, spring break is in 3 weeks!