What I Wore: SNOW DAY(S)!

 I had my first ever snow day this past Thursday. I cannot tell you how amazing timing that was. Last week  was incredibly busy, I was struggling to keep it together and I was not at all prepared for the test that I had on Thursday. When I heard that we didn’t have school on Thursday I legitimately jumped up and down yelling. 

Then we were bombed with a foot of snow the next morning. I diligently prayed that we would get even more snow and have another snow day. (The last time this happened at KU was in 2008) And then, the sky opened and angels smiled down upon me because WE GOT ANOTHER SNOW DAY! Oh my gosh, once again I did my happy dance. 

Women's Loafers

I got so much work done during my two days off. Seriously, it was like a mountain was moved off my back. I was able to complete my homework without feeling stressed and rushed. EEEKKK!!! It was awesome. 

And that is the last time you will read me writing positively about having a foot of snow overnight. *Guess what I just read? Yep, we are getting freezing rain and another 5-9 inches of snow. * I’m just going to pretend that news was super great me and I didn’t just mentally curse the weather.