What I Wore: A Snowy New Year’s Eve

Jacket:Mustard Mood @ Britches/Pants: J Crew Factory/Blue sheer top: H&M/Necklace: gift/Shoes: borrowed from a friend

I realize that 2013 and NYE and all that have happened a few days ago but I have been super busy. Sorry about that! This New Year’s Eve was a lot like last years. The boyfriend was sick and we weren’t able to go anything or go out anywhere, in fact, that evening I felt like I had a sore throat and went to bed at 8 p.m.
(Yes, I party HARD for New Year’s Eve) 

I did manage to go to dinner with my mother and sisters that evening, at which my mother promptly stared at my jacket and said I looked like Michael Jackson, which is apparently the worst thing someone could look like to her. I personally was rather flattered and took it as an invitation to see if I could moonwalk across the parking lot. Which I found out was icy and snowy. Oh also, I can’t moonwalk.