What I Wore: Stress, zits, delle mele and the most wonderful time of the year


Dear Ladies (and boyfriend who reads this),
           I love you all so very much. I have had many times a “meh” day turned into a great day because of your comments alone. For that I can not express enough how grateful I am. Life is stressful, I realize that it doesn’t get better when you are out of school but right now my main focus is JUST getting through the week and preparing for finals (already, I know, I don’t know where the time went) so I am slacking on blogging. Sorry about that.

Sometimes my Italian teacher will randomly ask us questions to keep us on our toes. Ever since we learned how to say fruit and main courses I have basically answered every single question on a test or anything with Io mangio delle mele in mattina.  (I eat some apples in the morning) Without fail. I think my teacher thinks that I own an apple orchard because I am so devoted to eating SOME apples (read: more than one a day) However, that is the ONE freaking sentence that I have yet to mess up and by golly it is going on my final in some way or another.

Zits. I have pretty low maintenance skin but it gets a little rashy when I don’t eat super great. Read: any time during a busy week when I don’t eat right and am constantly on the go. I need to just freaking realize that if I take care of my body, it will take care of me. 

My life consists of homework, class, working, special time with my boyfriend that is most sacred and school cannot be mentioned, housework and then worrying about schoolwork. That being said, it is truly the most wonderful of the year. I can look back on the semester and see how much I have grown which is the ultimate motivator for me.

Finally, I got this outfit inspiration when I was browsing through random Google images while doing research.  I kind of love how when I don’t think and I just let myself instinctively grab stuff sometimes it’s awesome. I need to listen to myself more.

I love you all,