What I Wore: Style Guru Internship

Top: Plato’s Closet/Pants: MAKER Jeans/Bag: Fossil/Shoes: TJ Maxx/Belt: Urban Outfitters

I wore this outfit on the first weeks post at College Fashionista for my internship. I felt like since it really focuses on “street style” so I decided to go with something that wasn’t typical of what I would wear. That being said, I kind of love it and now completely am glad that I decided to for it. That bag is unfortunately super large but not large enough to be my new school bag. I’ve just decided that I will never have a cute school bag and will be stuck with a messenger. bag. So you should know that in outfit pictures of what I wore to school I will not actually have the bag I carried because it completely drags down all my outfits. Also it’s incredibly hard to try and narrow your style down to ONE outfit to define who you are.