What I Wore: Substitute teacher

Blazer: Forever 21/Top:Plato’s Closet/Pants: Banana Republic/Jewerly: J Crew (Via Ebay)/ Shoes: Gift

I will never get rid of this shirt, even if Nina Garcia decided polka dots were out. (I adore her so that is saying quite a lot)

The night that the boyfriend helped me with these photos he was feeling a bit….ornery. So I have photographs of me yelling, putting on the jacket, bending over, pretty much anything but me actually looking at the camera. Naturally the ones of me falling over/picking up things were in focus but the ones of me smiling weren’t. Funny how that works. Grrr. 

In other news, I swear that sometimes it is like a competition to look the worst to classes. I’m not talking about running around in running shorts, etc. I’m talking about you physically look like you spent time to look that bad. This one girl literally wore her cartoon pants to class. It is with this happening at 8a.m. classes that when I stroll into class wearing a blazer people think I am a substitute teacher. Twice, TWICE I got asked what I taught, if anyone asked me again I was going to make up some super deep major and then proceed to say whatever came into my head. Anyway, when people dress that badly to go to class I always want to dress up more, I of course have my days where I run around in gym shorts but come on! Put some effort into it!