What I wore: Summer has begun

I have a specific name for this top, it’s called “Elephants be everywhere!” It came out when I saw it and it stuck. I can’t explain my mind, I just have to roll with it. 

Top: Plato’s Closet($8.99)/ Shorts: J Crew Factory($25)/ Belt: Forever 21($3)/Shoes: TJ Maxx ($30)

“Wait…..what?” is probably what you are thinking.It’s August Alissa!

You see, I finally finished all of my summer classes this past Friday so since 5pm on July 27th I have been on summer vacation. My philosophy towards summer school is simple, I might as well keep going through torture and get it over with instead of stopping the torture and having to start it again. I mean at this point two weeks off between semesters does seem like an entire summer so I’m just going to keep telling myself I can cram 6 weeks into 2. Totally possible, right? Right. Right. Right. Eh, I can keep telling myself that.